The Rules

Animal Upon Animal at Unplugged Games Club

We pride ourselves on providing a safe, fun and welcoming atmosphere for players of all ages, experience levels and backgrounds. We’re a family-friendly club and a harassment-free zone. To help us ensure that the group remains fun for everybody, we have a couple of rules that we ask you to stick to when you attend.

Our group welcomes families and young children, so please don’t use inappropriate language or bring any games, clothing or other material that isn’t suitable for a family environment.

We welcome players of all backgrounds. We don’t permit discrimination, harassment or prejudicial language of any kind, whether it’s on the grounds of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, nationality or religious background. If you don’t think this is something you can abide by, please don’t attend.

Children are always welcome at the club, but anyone under the age of 14 has to be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Please show good sportsmanship, try to play at a decent pace and be willing to explain games to newcomers.

Our members bring their games for everyone to enjoy. Please treat them with the same care and respect you’d show for your own property. If you damage someone’s game, you may be expected to pay for a replacement.

Our hosts at Spill The Beans provide us with a free space to play, and this means we can run our events every week without having to charge people to attend. Please make it worth their while by buying some food and drinks.