Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering players

Magic: The Gathering is a phenomenally popular fantasy card game set in a universe of powerful mages, deadly spells and dangerous creatures. First published in 1995, the game now has an estimated 20m players around the globe. It’s deep, strategic and incredibly addictive, and we host regular monthly sessions where you can indulge your inner spell-slinger.

We hold free Magic cube drafts, with dates announced on the Unplugged web site. Drafting is a special way to play Magic: The Gathering which doesn’t require you turn up with a pre-constructed deck. Instead, you’ll draft cards to create a pool which you’ll use to build a 40-card deck before going into battle against a succession of opponents. It adds a new layer of fun and strategy to the game, and for many players it’s the ultimate way to play Magic.

A cube is a carefully constructed set of cards put together for the purpose of drafting. It gives you the chance to play with some of the most powerful and exciting cards in Magic. If you’re interested in finding out about cube drafting in detail, check out this video from the Tolarian Community College Youtube channel:

If you’re completely new to Magic, why not stop into a local venue and ask for a demo game? Two great places in Glasgow to learn and play Magic are Spellbound Games on the south side and Geek Retreat in the city centre.