Scottish Pathfinder Society – Next Game 17/7/16

A magical war between the archmages Geb and Nex left the landscape between their nations scarred and wracked by magical anomalies—a barren stretch known as the Mana Wastes. During the conflict, their generals also created countless weapons and defenses that pushed the limits of magic, yet most of these were destroyed in battle or lost forever. Recent investigations suggest that some of this ancient power is at play in an insular town outside Alkenstar, but there the trail runs cold. Can the PCs uncover the truth while braving the residents’ eccentricities?

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Sign up for our first Magic cube draft

Attention spellslingers! We’re pleased to announce our first monthly Magic: The Gathering cube draft on Sunday 12 June!

We’ll be holding a free casual cube draft on the second Sunday of every month using a cube expertly compiled by Unplugged gamer Stuart Kinnaird. We’re limiting this event to an eight-person pod, so sign up now if you’d like to play.

If you’re new to Magic or don’t know what cube drafting is all about, you can find more information here.

Welcome to the Unplugged Games Club

Unplugged Games Club

We’re an open, friendly and welcoming tabletop gaming group in Glasgow, Scotland. We play board games, card games, pen-and-paper roleplaying games and anything else you can play with some friends around a table!

We meet every Sunday from 1pm to 5pm at the Spill The Beans coffee shop on Skirving Street.

Whether you’re a veteran gamer or a complete newcomer to the hobby, we look forward to seeing you at one of our events.