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Epic Card Game

Every week the Unplugged Games Club provides an open space where gamers can get together and play impromptu games of whatever takes their fancy. But while this approach works well for board games, it’s less suitable for other types of games that require a bit of coordination and planning.

That’s why we’re hosting regular monthly sessions for certain games including Magic: The Gathering and Pathfinder. But we know there are plenty of other games out there with dedicated communities of players who’d like the chance to play regularly. So if you’re crazy about X-Wing or daft for Dice Masters, we’d like to offer you a place to play, socialise and meet like-minded gamers.

If there’s a game you’d like to host at an Unplugged Games Club session, drop us an email and let us know. We have some space constraints, so unfortunately we can’t host full-blown sessions of Warhammer or similar games. Also, anyone attending our meetings needs to be aware of our rules.